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Synergy Flow

Counseling, PLLC

About Us

About Me

I believe everyone has an innate strength and resilience, an authenticity that is limited only by inaccurate beliefs and interpretations of life struggles and challenges. My work with clients is geared toward identifying and removing those blocks to create space for the authentic self to flourish.


I bring over 30 years working with recovering alcoholics and addicts,  studies in psychology, marriage and family/mental health counseling, meditation and yoga practice, and a deep connection with nature to my practice.

My experience is that the collaboration between myself and my client produces an experience greater than the sum of our individual experiences (synergy) and that there is indeed a benevolent energy, a Flow whose only requisite is our intention to be present. Hence, the name Synergy Flow Counseling. It is my intention to provide the atmosphere and tools to access these experiences.

Methodology & Services


I counsel individuals, couples, and families wishing to work through past or current trauma, or struggles with day-to-day challenges.


As a graduate student/Intern I worked from an Emotion-Focused Therapy model , and though I do utilize tools and theory from this perspective, I also incorporate Mindfulness practice, Behavior Modification skills, Attachment Theory, and Trauma-Focused CBT, as well as Play Therapy with younger clients.

My Methodology


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420 W. Mendenhall

Bozeman, Mt 59715

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